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Stephen Gethins

Professor in Practice at the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews

Stephen Gethins is Professor in Practice at the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews.

He previously served as the MP for North East Fife and was the SNP’s International Affairs and Europe spokesperson in Parliament and was particularly focused on Brexit on the run up to and aftermath of the EU Referendum. Stephen was also twice selected to sit on the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, the first SNP Member to sit on the Committee.

Before entering Parliament Stephen served as a Special Adviser to Scotland’s First Minister focusing on International and European Affairs, Energy and Climate Change. He also worked in the European institutions and for NGOs involved in peacebuilding with a particular focus on the former Soviet Union and Western Balkans.

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STEPHEN GETHINS: The Ukraine invasion was utterly predictable and its people deserved better.

The invasion of Ukraine is devastating, says Stephen Gethins, but it comes as no surprise to anyone who has been watching Vladimir Putin.

Making their voices heard: Relations between the UK’s nations and regions and the EU post-Brexit.

This event, co-organised by the Aston Centre for Europe (ACE) and the Foreign Policy Centre (FPC) will explore the practice and scope of Britain’s new ‘paradiplomacy’ towards the EU in the wake of Brexit.

A Debate on Scotland’s Place in the World is Long Overdue.

In this guest blog, Stephen Gethins provides an overview of his new book ‘Nation to Nation: Scotland’s Place in the World’ exploring Scotland’s “foreign policy footprint”. 


Stephen recently published his first book Nation to Nation: Scotland’s Foreign Policy footprint and is a regular print and broadcast media contributor on Scottish and international affairs.

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Stephen recently contributed a chapter to ‘Losing Afghanistan, the fall of Kabul and the end of Western Intervention’

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Vladyslav Shein was 21. He was a faithful Ukrainian Jew from Dnipro. He heroically died defending #Ukraine.

Give him a prayer - whatever faith you are!


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Stewart’s work was incredibly important not least on Ukraine. His focus on that conflict since 2015, when others across Parliament took their eye off the ball, was incredibly important. He will be missed in this role but I am sure he still has a huge contribution to make.…

A substantial loss of talent and international understanding for the SNP front bench. @StewartMcDonald did a huge amount to craft a workable defence policy for the party and was respected across Europe.…

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The United Nations judges Ireland's quality of life to have improved faster than any other developed nation over the past 30 years. I believe 4 factors account for our success: political stability, strong sense of community, high levels of education, and openness to the world.

Well that crept up quickly. For all the nonsense on here it has been great to engage with you all, make friends and even hear some fresh perspectives. Wonder how long we’ll be here for?

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