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Peter Jackson

Chair, Global Security, University of Glasgow

Peter is Chair in Global Security at the University of Glasgow and Executive Director of the Scottish Council on Global Affairs.

Peter was editor of Intelligence and National Security (the world’s leading journal in the field of intelligence studies) for twelve years.

He has taught at the universities of Cambridge, Yale, Aberystwyth and Strathclyde and been visiting professor at the Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) and the Institut d’études politiques, Paris. Peter’s areas of specialisation include the international history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the use of history in the formulation of foreign and defence policy and the role of intelligence in policymaking from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

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The Scottish Council constitutes the ever first pan-Scotland international affairs institute. It will provide a hub for collaborative policy-relevant research and a forum for evidence-based debate on all areas of global affairs, from human rights, foreign policy and security to trade, governance, public health and the environment.

INFORMED debate on world affairs has never been more important. The past decade has witnessed a gathering crisis over climate change, increasing migration, the rise of populism and seemingly unending cycles of conflict and humanitarian crises around the world.

Both sides have suffered tens of thousands of military and civilian dead and the fighting has caused wholesale destruction in many of Ukraine’s largest cities.

At this point two things are clear. First, Russia cannot obtain its initial objective of regime change. Second, prospects for destroying Russian armed forces in Ukraine or evicting them entirely from Ukrainian territory remain remote for the foreseeable future. The war must eventually end in a negotiated settlement.

AS the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its second month it is worth reflecting on its origins and speculating on Russia’s fundamental aims.

Information on the conflict has been disseminated in unprecedented volume and intensity by outlets ranging from the Ukrainian Government and British Ministry of Defence to the world’s media and social media channels.

“America is back!” proclaimed newly elected US President Joe Biden when he succeed Donald Trump in January.

Biden returned to this theme repeatedly over the first six months of his presidency as he sought to convince America’s allies that the US was once again ready to provide global leadership.


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