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Michele Sevegnani

Senior Lecturer of Computing Science, University of Glasgow

Michele Sevegnani is Senior Lecturer of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow. He received a joint MSc in Bioinformatics from the universities of Edinburgh and Trento (Italy) in 2008 and a PhD in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow in 2012. He was a Visiting Researcher at the University of California Berkeley and the University of Cambridge working on formal modelling techniques for robotic and cloud systems.

He is currently the Principal Investigator of research projects focussing on achieving security and resilience for autonomous vehicles and Agritech systems.

His research interests include theoretical models of computation, stochastic processes for predicting failures and availability, cybersecurity in IoT, and automated reasoning for autonomous agents. He has received funding from EPSRC, the Royal Society, RSE, the British Council, the London Mathematical Society, and Amazon Research.

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Interested in how you might analyse BDI-agents probabilistically (with Bigraphs!), and even generate optimal strategies in the face of different plan selection strategies and action outcomes? Look no further!… @michele_seve @xu_mengwei

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Our program committee is ready and waiting!

If you're doing research with #FormalMethods and #Atuonomy then we're probably interested in your work!

Deadline: 17th of August 2023


📢Join the next online Community Development event featuring 2 PETRAS project presentations from Digiports & PRISTINE!

🗓️17 April 2023
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With @Blair_Archibald, @YueGu_UofG, and @MDivband in sunny Glasgow to work on Formal Verification for Human-Swarm interaction

🚨🧠 new PhD position Alert! @michele_seve , @MonikaHarvey65 , and I are looking for candidates for a PhD position at @CCNi_UofG / @UofGlasgow The post is for interdisciplinary research in between machine learning, medical imaging, and psychology! Come join our group! More on:

Fully funded ESRC PhD studentship at the University of Glasgow: A novel Artificial Intelligence Method for inferencing impaired cognition trajectories from MRI data in patients with Alzheimer’s dementia

Application deadline: 13th of April

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Doctoral Symposium at 25th International Symposium on Formal Methods (FM 2023), 6-10 March 2023 in Lübeck, Germany #doctoralsymposium #formalmethods23

Want to work with @michele_seve and I on improving the accessibility of formal models? We have a postdoc available at @GlasgowCS to work on "From Whiteboards to Models: Diagrammatic Formal Modelling for Everyone" funded by @AmazonScience. More details:…