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Gavin Sullivan

Reader in International Human Rights Law, University of Edinburgh

Gavin Sullivan is Reader in International Human Rights Law at the University of Edinburgh having joined Edinburgh Law School in February 2021. He was previously a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Kent.

His research focuses on the politics of global security law, technology and rights using socio-legal and ethnographic methods. His research interests include international organisations and collective security; algorithmic governance, accountability and international human rights; transnational and informal law, global pluralism and constitutionalism; counterterrorism and preemptive security.

Gavin has previously been a Visiting Fellow at the University Center for Human Values, Princeton University, a Visiting Scholar at UNSW Faculty of Law and Justice and an External Affiliate at the Centre on Security, Intelligence and Governance (CESIG) at ITAM University, Mexico.

Twitter: @g_sullivan

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Articles (link)

Law, technology and data-driven security: Infra-legalities as method assemblage
Sullivan, G., 31 Mar 2022, In: Journal of Law and Society. 20 p.

“Taking on the technicalities” of international law-practice, description, critique: A Response to Fleur Johns
Sullivan, G., 2017, In: AJIL Unbound. 111, p. 181-186 6 p.

Introduction: The politics of the list
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The politics of security lists
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Transnational legal assemblages and Global Security Law: Topologies and temporalities of the List
Sullivan, G., 22 Jul 2014, In: Transnational Legal Theory. 5, 1, p. 81-127

Between law and the exception: The un 1267 ombudsperson as a hybrid model of legal expertise
Sullivan, G. & De Goede, M., 1 Dec 2013, In: Leiden Journal of International Law. 26, 4, p. 833-854 22 p.


Sullivan, Gavin (2020) The Law of the List: UN Counterterrorism Sanctions and the Politics of Global Security Law. Cambridge University Press (doi:10.1017/9781108649322)

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