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Why sub-state governments become increasingly engaged in international development cooperation

University of Glasgow Researchers present research findings on sub-state diplomacy to Scottish Government officials

Dr Bernhard Reinsberg (University of Glasgow) and Dr Sebastian Dellepiane (Strathclyde University) presented findings from a research program on sub-state diplomacy at the event ‘Sub-state approaches to Foreign Policy and International Development’ hosted by the Scottish Government’s International School. The event, which took place on Wednesday 14 February 2024, brought together over 115 Scottish Government officials to hear more about why and how sub-state governments like Scotland engage in internal development cooperation.

The relevant Scottish Government Policy – ‘Global Citizenship: Scotland’s International Development Strategy’ may be viewed here.

Below you can download the full SCGA Insight PDF document which opens with the following quote:

Sub-state governments are ever-more prominent foreign policy actors.
They undertake foreign policies autonomously in areas including climate
change, migration, and trade and investment – usually the exclusive
domains of nation-states.

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