Podcast: The Scottish Human Rights Bill

Author: SCGA
An article from SCGA editorial team. 

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Dr David Scott talks with Laura Pasternak from Who Cares? Scotland and Mhairi Snowden from the Human Rights Consortium Scotland about the Scottish Government’s plans to write international human rights into Scots law.

On 15 June 2023, the Scottish Government published the long-awaited consultation on its plans to incorporate various UN human rights treaties into Scots law, subject to the limits of the devolved competence of the Scottish Parliament. Alongside putting rights like the right to housing and the right to a healthy environment into Scots law, the Bill proposes wide-sweeping changes for public authorities in Scotland, including enhanced human rights reporting and outcome monitoring and increased access to the courts for legal accountability.

On this episode of the SCGA podcast, Dr David Scott (Postdoctoral Research Associate in International Law and Governance at the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security, University of Glasgow, and the Scottish Council on Global Affairs) is joined by Laura Pasternak (Policy & Public Affairs Manager at Who Cares? Scotland) and Mhairi Snowden (Director of the Human Rights Consortium Scotland) to discuss a new report on the Scottish Government’s human rights plans and the need to include Care Experienced people in its implementation.

The Podcast will be available on your favourite platform – just search for ‘Scottish Council on Global Affairs’ – and is directly hosted at Acast. We’ve embedded the episode here below if you’re looking for an instant playback.

More on Who Cares? Scotland

Who Cares? Scotland is Scotland’s only national independent membership organisation for Care Experienced people.

“Our strategic vision is to secure a lifetime of equality, respect and love for Care Experienced people in Scotland. At the heart of our work are the rights of Care Experienced people and the power their voices have to bring about change.”

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More on Human Rights Consortium Scotland

The Human Rights Consortium Scotland is the civil society network to defend and promote human rights in Scotland.

“The Consortium has around 170 network member organisations from across civil society. We work together in all sorts of ways, such as by sharing information and insights, projects or research on specific issues, and around influencing policy and law.”

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