Video: John Kerry – Climate Crisis Address

Author: SCGA
An article from SCGA editorial team. 

Presented by the WS Society & Beyond Borders Scotland

John Kerry launches ‘Scottish Global Dialogues’ with a speech on the Climate Crisis at the Signet Library, Edinburgh

In a speech that took inspiration from the Scottish Enlightenment John Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, inaugurated ‘Scottish Global Dialogues’ at the Signet Library in Edinburgh.

The following quote is lifted from the WS Society’s own site:

“The event will launch an annual joint series of ‘Scottish Global Dialogues’ with Beyond Borders, to feature guests of international standing, held each year in the height of the Edinburgh Festivals. The series aims to promote non-partisan debate on international relations and global politics, in the interests of advancing citizenship and cultural exchange. The series is supported by the Scottish Council for Global Affairs.”

We are delighted to be partners in this event and are showing below a full recording of the event live-stream – note that there is nothing to see until the 7:50 mark.

More on the WS Society

The Society of Writers to His Majesty’s Signet (known as the WS Society) is the incorporated body of Scottish lawyers known as Writers to the Signet or “WS” with over 500 years of heritage. They are one of the oldest incorporated bodies in Scotland for public benefit. Learn more on their website.

More on Beyond Borders

A Scottish based non-governmental organisation dedicated to facilitating cultural exchange and international dialogue between nations.

Beyond Borders aims to create a vibrant international platform within Scotland, at times drawing on Scotland’s unique cultural and political heritage, to break down borders between peoples, and help facilitate wider international cultural exchange, dialogue and reconciliation. Learn more on their website.