Festival of Politics 2023 & the Scottish Council on Global Affairs

Author: SCGA
An article from SCGA editorial team. 

Event: Festival of Politics 2023 & the Scottish Council on Global Affairs

Date: August 9th & 11th 2023

Time: Varies

Venue: Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

Organisers: Scottish Parliament, Scotland’s Futures Forum and the Edinburgh International Festival

The Scottish Parliament hosts its 19th Festival of Politics, taking place over three days between Wednesday 9 and Friday 11 August. Extra events, run in partnership with the Edinburgh International Festival, take place before, during and after these dates.

Featuring events on politics, current affairs, social and environmental issues, the festival offers people in Scotland an opportunity to come to their Parliament and discuss the issues facing society today.”

We’re delighted to be once again taking part in Scotland’s annual Festival of Politics which this year takes places across three days, running 9th – 11th August 2023 at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

Date: August 9th 2023, 11.30 am

Our first event – we’re event partners on this one – is entitled ‘Is the West in decline?’ and sees our members Mateja Peter and Peter Jackson taking part.

You can book tickets on the official site page for this event, from where the following descriptions is taken:

Current international order has been creaking for the last decade with the rise of populism in the West, and India, China and Russia all flexing various powers.

It’s fair to say the western allies may be united but they’re also at their least influential.

What are the geo-political repercussions for the west when we all face the global challenges of climate, poverty and health?

Date: August 11th 2023, 3.30 pm

Our second event also sees Peter Jackson taking part and is entitled ‘Scotland – a good global citizen?’

You can learn more (and book tickets) on the event’s official page, from where the following description is lifted:

Join the panel on their assessment of Scotland’s role as a global citizen in relation to the rest of the world at a time of huge political and economic upheaval. Global citizenship highlights the interconnected and interdependent nature of society in thinking locally, nationally and globally, so what is Scotland doing post-COP on climate reparations, ethical consumerism, human rights, mediation and international development?

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