Team Focus: Christian J. Tams

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Team Focus: Christian J. Tams

An occasional series where we look at aspects of the work of our team members – here it’s Christian J. Tams, Professor of International Law at the University of Glasgow, where he directs the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security (GCILS).

At time of writing – Autumn 2022 – Christian has recently taken part in two significant conferences:

London Conference

The London Conference is a high-profile event and it forms part of the UK’s attempts to carve out a role as an advocate of the international rule of law. The 2022 edition of the London Conference on International Law was entitled ‘States in Emergency – International Law at a Time of Reckoning’ and took place at the QEII Centre, London on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th October.

Christian spoke on the panel ‘Human and collective security’ addressing such questions as ‘What kind of security system do we need, especially when faced with global existential crises such as those posed by the pandemic and the climate emergency?’

ICCA Congress

Christian spoke at the XXVth ICCA Congress in Edinburgh, the most important global forum for international arbitration lawyers.The Congress addresses current challenges facing international arbitration in its self-proclaimed ‘age of enlightenment’.

A recent event saw an event entitled ‘International Criminal Tribunals and their Political Background Dilemmas‘, jointly run by GCILS & SCGA. The talk addressed the “more political” functioning of international criminal tribunals compared to their domestic counterparts in states with high rule of law standards.

The image at the top of this page was taken at the very-well attended talk, and we plan to feature a fuller write-up of this event on our site before too very long.

New Book on Legal Aspects of EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Post-Brexit

This ‘TCA Handbook‘ has just been published (in German). It is edited by Christian and two colleagues (Jörg Terhechte and Gesa Kuebek).

In 28 chapters authored by experts, it provides a comprehensive account of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement – the first book-length treatment of this central post-Brexit Treaty.

Publisher link

New Book on Investment Law and Human Rights

‘Investment Protection, Human Rights, and International Arbitration in Extraordinary Times‘: in twelve chapters the present book analyses different thematic interactions between investment law and human rights in order to develop a more context-specific understanding.

Publisher link

We’ll aim to publish more of these posts as our team expands and as the Scottish Council on Global Affairs grows in ambition and footprint. In the meantime, read more about our full team here.